How To Stop Chasing Her And Make Her Chase You Instead

I’ve wanted to date this one woman forever, and she just won’t give me a chance. I feel like I’m always chasing her and trying to get her to go on a date with me, and it feels like I’m sabotaging myself, but I don’t know what to do differently. How do I get her to want to date me without chasing her? What am I doing wrong?

George U.

George, it’s tough to chase after a woman. But have I got some tactics for you!

Have you considered using leaves and sticks to camouflage a hole in the ground? That way, when you’re chasing her, all you have to do is herd her towards the hole, and then she falls right in! Boom! Caught!

Raise your hand if you just can’t f*cking spell camouflage right, no matter how hard you try.

*raises hand*

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Another great tactic is the old bait and trap. Do you know her favorite food? Leave some underneath a big basket or a cage, and then wait for her to wander into your trap! Pull the string, the cage falls, and you’ve caught her! No need to chase her anymore.

article: over. advice: given. felony: probable.

But obviously you’re not literally chasing after her, because you’re not George of the f*cking Jungle and we’re not cavemen. You’re reading this on a computer. You could be on pornhub right now.

That actually sounds like a great idea. I’ll brb guys.

ok, I’m back. What were we talking about?

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Oh right, how to get a woman to chase you.

Well, George, your instincts are correct. By chasing after her, you are sabotaging yourself. It’s human nature to pull away when someone chases us, and she’s no different. The more you chase after her, the more you’re going to turn her off.

Why is that? Well, from her perspective, you need her. You need her to be with you to be happy, and you’re not satisfied unless you’re with her and no one else.

This isn’t the same thing as choosing her. If you’ve got other women who are interested in you, and you have options on who you want to be with, then you would be choosing her. She wants to be chosen, not needed.

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This ties in with my first point nicely (f*ck yeah). Instead of obsessing over her, and her alone, you should open yourself up to being with other women. Don’t just dismiss other women because they’re not the one woman you’ve wanted forever.

Be open to the idea of seeing other women casually. That way, you’re actually having fun and getting some instead of pining away over a woman who won’t date you, and you’ll actually become more attractive in her eyes. This is because she knows you have options, and she knows that if she wants you, she’s going to have to earn you.

That’s going to make her way more attracted to you – and it’s going to flip the dynamic, and make her chase after you instead of the other way around.

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My second piece of advice is tied in with my first: you have to give up on trying to make her your girlfriend.

but that’s what i waaaaaaaaant!” you whine, as you spit the pacifier out of your mouth and cry like a little tiny baby.

Look, I know that’s what you want, but look where it’s gotten you. You’ve been trying to date this woman for years and haven’t been successful. What does that tell you?

It tells you your approach is f*cked up.

Instead of making it your explicit goal to date her, just let go. Stop worrying about what she thinks about you, and stop spending your energy trying to chase her. She can sense that your agenda is to be in a relationship with her, and that’s turning her off. So cut that out of your life.

Now that you’ve got all this extra energy from quitting worrying about being in a relationship with her, invest it in yourself! Put some time and energy into some of your hobbies that make you happy. Put it into the gym and improve how you look and how you feel about yourself.

And most importantly, put it into improving your mood.

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Your mood is single most important thing when it comes to making women attracted to you, and if you neglect it, it’s going to f*ck you over.

Focus your energy on being in a genuinely good mood all the time. Drop negative lines of thought and only focus on thinking about things that make you feel good.

This will have an immediate effect on your attractiveness and on the way women respond to you. Women love a guy who’s in a good mood, because he makes them feel good. They want to spend more time around him. They become attracted to him.

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These are good things, George. You want these things, yes? Good.

That’s it! Drop your obsession with dating this one woman, be open to seeing other women, and focus on being in a good mood! Either the woman you want will come around and realize she’s attracted to this new, more attractive you, or she won’t and you can move on. Either way, you get what you want or you save yourself a ton of time and suffering.

And you won’t get charged with a felony. Probably. I don’t f*cking know you, George.

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Anyone here been charged with a felony? Wanna talk about it? Wanna tell George to date other women? Leave ’em below.

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